Green Curriculum


The Social, Earth & Economic Development (S.E.E.D)  of Love workshops connects youth to S.T.E.M.  using organic gardening. 

The young scientist learn about team work, organic gardening and nutrition while  enjoying a hands on experience with S.TE.M in the workshops listed below.


   The workshops are available for ages 5-18 . S.E.E.D. of Love curriculum is based on Maryland's educational requirements for Science and Math for the  groups listed below. Technology and Engineering are industry specific for organic gardening. 

Seeds: 5-6

Seedlings: 7-9


Flower: 13-15

ROI: 16-18

Maximum participants per workshop is 20. 

Green Workshops

y-OUR commUNITY Organic Gardener ( O.G)

This 2 hour interactive workshop introduces young scientist to their ecological commUNITY, grow zone, compost, and happy roots. The future urban organic gardener plant seeds in recycled plastic bottles as they continue their journey as stewards of the Earth! 

 Lets' Build & Grow!

This 3 hour workshop introduces youth organic gardeners  to ecological commUNITY, grow zone,  composting, happy roots, ideal garden location at site, tools, & measurement.

The future organic gardeners are segmented into five teams of four to participate in the building of a  3 x 3 self-watering raised bed using the square foot gardening technique. Each member becomes an ambassador for a plant that they are responsible for from planting to harvest. 

Resources Needed


 "It takes a village to raise a child."                     - African proverb.

Thank for taking Action! 

Please send an e-mail to info@theeve.org and/or call (301) 686-7875 to coordinate the acquisition of donations. 

Donations List

  • pH soil tester
  •  Compass
  • Organic soil
  • Worm casting
  • Azomite rock dust granulated 
  • Perlite
  • Compost (no manure) 
  • Gift Certificates: Local small business, pre paid credit card,Home Depot, Staples, Walmart, 84 Lumber, Community Forklift, Michael's, nurseries & supply houses. 
  • Video equipment
  • Microphone
  • Lighting
  • Tripod
  • 5 bicycles
  • 3 baby carries for bicycles
  • 3 bicycles for children
  • 5 wagons for bicycles
  • Annual storage space
  • Office space for a year in Prince George's County, Maryland.  

Information Technology (IT) 

  • 5 Microsoft Surfaces with anti virus protection
  • Microsoft Pro Edition (MS Project,Publisher & Visio)
  • Annual subscription to JIRA to manage weekly sprints for community organizing


Invest in youth


Let's build a green economy together!

Everyone is special and has a passion that they can share with the next generation to improve yOUR future.

Children are the best investment! 

We are a commUNITY dedicated to providing fun and engaging education about organic gardening. 

E-mail: info@theeve.org

IG: @dmveve


The development  of a self sufficient economy requires the collaboration of commuUNITY members. Let us know what committee(s) you are interested in and a team member will contact you!

  • Membership
  • Governance for Shared Leadership
  • Food, Land & Water Security
  • Education (birth-18)
  • Financial, Legal & Administrative
  • Economic Development- Build skills banks
  • Street Team (social media, artist & fundraiser)
  • Information Technology- App Development