About Us


It all began with a group of young adults meeting in Grandma's basement. During the sessions, they brainstormed on  strategies to improve their community. Growing up in the inner city of Washington, D.C. gave them direct insight about the  social, economic and environmental injustices that adversely impacted their community. There was an unanimous decision that  the solution is to provide hands-on education about the green economy  that addresses the direct needs of the youth.

   The S.E.E.E.D (Social, Earth, Education & Economic Development)  of Love  started  at a juvenile detention center for females in DC. The core curriculum covers  goal planning, commUNITY & environmental education. 

   The program was later implemented at the Boys & Girls Club. During a brain storming session about solutions to food deserts, the Smart Girls decided to grow a garden. In addition to being actively engaged in the stages of gardening(plan/design/buiild), they  participated in healthy eating on a budget demos, compost, goal planning & field trips!

When youth receive  hands on training, resources, opportunities and a supportive network they are unstoppable!